Hearing Checks

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Malouf Pharmacies are now offering FREE hearing checks in store in partnership with bloom hearing specialists.


If any of the below are common problems in your day to day life, you may be suffering from hearing loss.

   •  Difficulty hearing in noisy places

   •  Frequently asking people to repeat themselves

   •  Turning up the TV or radio so loud that others around you make mention of the volume

   •  Difficulty following conversations

   •  Often missing the doorbell or phone ringing


Who is bloom™ hearing specialists?

bloom™ hearing specialists is a leading health provider, with over 260 clinics across Australia and New Zealand. Our staff are fully qualified and accredited, dedicated to finding the best possible hearing solutions for our wonderful customers and community.

With a wealth of experience and deep understanding of hearing healthcare, our team offers the expertise you need to find a hearing solution that best suits your lifestyle.


Hearing Loss in Australia

   •  1 in 6 Australians have a hearing loss (ABS 2016)

   •  It is expected to increase to 1 in 4 by 2050

   •  The incidence of hearing loss increases as we get older

   •  Over half the population aged between 60-70 years have a hearing loss

   •  Hearing loss is reported as one of the most common health problems in Australia today

   •  Common causes are ageing and exposure to loud sounds


Benefits of hearing well

   •  Effortless communication with others

   •  Awareness of environmental sounds for personal safety

   •  Keeps people in the workforce / social groups/ activities for longer

   •  Cognitive health and hearing health are related


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Frequently Asked Questions:


As we know health is a complex matter and hearing health is no different. Taking up this Free offer at our pharmacy also gives you the opportunity to speak to the experts onsite.


Your results will be discussed with you on the day and then sent to your email address or posted. To make it easier for you, the bloom™ hearing representative can book a time with a clinician to have a full hearing assessment at a clinic that is closest to you.


An in-store Hearing Health Check is not the appropriate environment for children. There are also special techniques used to test children. Please discuss your concerns with your GP who will advise you where to go.