Quit Smoking

quit smoking

Making the decision to quit smoking can be daunting and challenging, especially if you have tried once before. But it's an important step to improve your overall health.

Smoking is the main cause of preventable death and disease in Australia, and smoking damages nearly every organ in the body. According to the Australian Government Department of Health, you will feel the benefits of quitting almost straight away. Depending on how much you have smoked, your body will start to repair itself the moment you stop. Benefits such as:

quit smoking

Surround yourself with the right support network and obtain expert advice from a Malouf Pharmacist to help you succeed.

There are a wide range of products to tackle the cravings and withdrawal symptoms, and it is important to find the best products to match your smoking habits and your lifestyle. Your Malouf Pharmacist can help navigate this maze with you and help you find the right solution. By deciding to quit, you are doing something amazing not only for yourself but the most important people in your life. The benefits are immediate, and continue to improve the longer you stay a non-smoker.

Arrange a free one on one consultation to develop your plan to quit smoking with a Malouf Pharmacist today.

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