Electronic Prescriptions or eScripts – available now


eScripts are now available at most Malouf Pharmacies providing you with a convenient way to receive your mediciation. Just ask your GP to provide you with an eScript during your next check-up. They will send you a token (QR code) to your phone, via SMS or email. Share the code with your pharmacist and your medication is dispensed the same way as a paper prescription. Repeats are delivered to your phone via SMS or email in the form of a token once your prescription is dispensed.


An eScript means you won’t lose those paper prescriptions anymore as it’s conveniently kept on your phone. It is also a safe, mostly contactless way to obtain medication and is also eco-friendly! Chat with your Malouf Pharmacies team to help set you up for eScripts.



  • An electronic prescription or eScript is the same as a ‘normal’ paper script. The difference is that instead of the doctor giving you a physical paper script, the doctor sends the script details via a special code (QR code), known as a token. When you give the token to a pharmacy, they retrieve the script and dispense it. Your information is safe and secure throughout this process.
  • If your doctor can provide an eScript, you will always have a choice of using either electronic or paper prescriptions. Just make sure your doctor knows what you would prefer.

  • The token is a QR code, just like the QR codes that are commonly used at cafes and restaurants to sign in.
  • Each medicine you are prescribed will have a different token. Every time a repeat is dispensed for each medicine, you will receive a new token. To easily store your different tokens, download the MedAdvisor app from Your friendly Malouf Pharmacies team can assist you in setting this up.



  • eScripts are more secure than paper prescriptions that can be lost or stolen
  • eScripts can also be easily sent to the pharmacy ahead of time, meaning that you usually won’t need to wait for your medicines.
  • They’re eco-friendly too!



  • Your doctor can either SMS, email or provide you with a printout of the token.
  • If you choose the SMS or email option, ensure that you receive it before you leave your doctor’s room.



You can either:

  • Go into the pharmacy and show the token to the pharmacy staff who will scan it and dispense; or
  • Download the MedAdvisor app from and send the token to your pharmacy via the app. Sending your pharmacy the token ahead of time means that your medicines are usually ready when you arrive at the pharmacy – no waiting! If you don’t have MedAdvisor installed yet, just ask the friendly team at your local Malouf Pharmacies and we’ll set you up in moments.



  • After dispensing, your pharmacist will send you back a new token for the remaining repeats.
  • It’s important that we have your name, date of birth, gender and either email or mobile number so that we can send you back your repeats and update your electronic record
  • Each time a repeat is dispensed, you will receive a new token. Safely keep your tokens on the MedAdvisor app. Download the MedAdvisor app from or our team can assist when you are next in-store.



  • From 1 October, tokens are the only way to receive eScripts. However, later in 2020, the Active Script List will be activated.



  • Later in 2020, instead of having to manage tokens, your pharmacist will be able to look up your electronic record and seamlessly dispense any medicines you need – provided there is a valid eScript. If there are no more repeats left, you will need to go back to your doctor.




  • If it is a new prescription, your doctor can re-send the token.
  • If it is a repeat prescription, your pharmacist can resend the token.



  • Simply forward the token(s) you want dispensed to the person collecting your medicines; or
  • Use the MedAdvisor app ( to send the token(s) to the pharmacy for dispensing, and somebody else can collect the medicines on your behalf.




  • eScripts use a system called eRx Script Exchange to transport scripts between doctors, pharmacists and the secure server. eRx has been used since 2009, and has over 10 years of proven reliability.
  • Your doctor and pharmacist have likely been using eRx Script Exchange for several years to ensure the safe and secure prescribing and dispensing of your medicines.
  • If you have a My Health Record, any e-scripts will appear on that unless you ask the pharmacy not to add it.



  • Yes, paper prescriptions can still be used as always.



  • Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store today to download for free, and select your local Ramsay Pharmacy or Malouf Pharmacies store.