Impromy Weight Management Program

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Maintaining a healthy weight is important to reduce your risk of serious diseases such as heart attack, stroke, sleep apnoea and type II diabetes.  For people with these diseases, losing weight can often result in reducing the medications they need to take every day.  However, achieving this on your own isn’t easy!

Malour Pharmacies offers the CSIRO-developed Impromy Weight Management program.  Based on the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet (proven to work since 2005), Impromy goes a step further with regular consultations and an eating plan personalised to your body’s nutritional needs.  Research shows that even small amounts of weight loss (5-10%) result in major health improvements, so Impromy tracks key health markers such as total cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. 

With a focus on introducing real foods into your eating plan, Impromy gives you the tools to stay at a healthy weight for life.  We also recognise that slip-ups happen, so if you need to lose weight in the future you’ll be glad to know membership is for life and consultations are free of charge.

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