Blood Pressure Check

Blood Pressure check

Diabetes is a condition where the amount of glucose (sugar) in the blood is too high.  Sugar enters your blood from food.  Sugar is normally then absorbed from blood into your cells; to do this, your body needs a hormone called insulin. If your body ignores this insulin, or isn’t making enough insulin, sugar can build up in the blood which causes problems.  The symptoms of diabetes are usually mild, but if it isn’t detected and managed properly, high blood sugar levels can lead to heart disease (including heart attacks), stroke, and damage to kidneys, blood vessels, nerves, eyes and feet.

High blood pressure can also cause heart attacks, heart failure, stroke and kidney damage.  Fortunately, like diabetes, high blood pressure can be managed with a combination of diet, exercise and medicines.  Unfortunately, like diabetes, high blood pressure can be a silent killer.

Speak with our team at your local Malouf Pharmacies store – we can run a simple and free screening test to let you know how likely you are to have undiagnosed diabetes or high blood pressure.  We can also help guide you into the right type of care if screening test results aren’t normal.

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