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To Whom It May Concern:
I am emailing you in relation to your Aspley store.
I have recently visited the Aspley pharmacy a few times and have been thoroughly impressed with the store and the staff.  The staff that work in the pharmacy are beautiful people who genuinely care about their customers.  In a society where it is rare to see people so committed to serving the public so graciously, Management of Malouf Pharmacies should be very proud to have that team at Aspley representing your brand.  The genuine care, dignity and respect those staff show their patients is world class.
Your staff were so gracious in dealing with elderly people.  The care your staff showed an elderly lady who was in the pharmacy at the same time as me was touching.  There are some very good Christian beliefs on show in that store. 
I would hope that you do ensure my positive comments are passed onto the store in a confidential manner.  Good service should be recognised.
Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my email.  I hope to hear back from you in the near future.
God Bless,
Mr. Davis


The Manager

Mr Richard Malouf


Dear Sir,


I would like to congratulate you & your staff at your Malouf store at Middle Street Cleveland. It is without doubt one of the best.


Courtesy & friendliness from your staff is a delight. Thank you all.


As I am now over 80 your makeup department has a regular visitor!



Sincerley Yours,


E.A Deacon


Staff Appreciation


I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for the excellent service provided last Tuesday by your Pharmacist, John Riordan at Forest Lake.


John was extremely helpful and willing to take the time to discuss and answer my queries in relation to a medical condition.

My thanks,



Just a quick note to say thank you to Georgie and the other lovely ladies at the Clarins VIP event last Wednesday night. I had only seen that it was on the night before and decided to ring on the day to see if there was any places left and luckily for me there was. I had a great night and ended up winning a lovely Parada perfume gift. I was hoping for a phone call to let me know that I had won the Clarins gift basket but not so far. I was lucky to the lovely perfume though. I am looking forward to other Clarins nights perhaps for make-up and perhaps a couples night. Thank you so much for putting on such a wonderful night with so many lovely ladies. Regards Janice


Hello @ Malouf H/O


I would like to say a huge Thank-you to Kate at The Malouf Pharmacy at Aspley I went there with my Voucher for perfume samples and she was more than helpful taking down my # and taking the time to call when they came in . I appreciate the Excellent Customer Service you provided to me in your store I will definitely be back .


Thanks again



Dear Mr Malouf,


Just a few lines to inform you that the Kenmore Malouf Pharmacy is a winner in the hearts & minds of all the people who live out here in this vast acreage area. Even John, your manager in Forest Lake, remarked upon the fact that when he came into the store the ambience and the relaxed attitude among the staff certainly indicated the Devish Singh- “your man in Kenmore” has the reins firmly but kindly in hand. He is a great stickler for detail, has great knowledge in his field and above all is kind and courteous to all.


It has always been my understanding that the top of any corporation, organisation how big or small they may be, set the trend downwards. Logically that means that you select the right people for your stores in various parts of Queensland. So I take my hat off to you.


Apart from my prescriptions by Dr Linda Maloney, of Marshall Lane Kenmore which are promptly dispatched by Mr Singh’s staff- I also use the services of the new Naturopath Tracey. She is equally a source of hope & wisdom to me in helping me (as a senior citizen) with the diabetes 2 and products to keep my general wellbeing up to pan!


Sadly enough, Jade of Clarins has left in order to advance her financial independence for her & the two children. She will undertake extra study to that effect. The people in the Malouf store celebrated her past years with a delicious orange chocolate mudcake. May life continue to be sweet to her.


In conclusion- Mr Malouf- thank you for providing us here in Kenmore and surrounds with such a lovely place to be. Due to it’s various services it has become a little bit= “Home away from Home” It is also a centre of meeting. In Melbourne you’ll meet “at the clocks”- In Brisbane you’ll meet at Malouf’s.


The Pharmacies are bright and beautiful, the people who work there friendly & welcoming= it “binds” the clients even when they pick up medications for diseases to painful to describe.


May your life be long and happy, filled with joy & good things. You certainly deserve that at least. As you do unto others, will be done to you, tenfold.


I greet you with respect & admiration-


Message: Hi - I was in store on 5/6/10 and just wanted to forward a compliment about the quality of your manager & staff members @ Rockhampton pharmacy and in particular: Megan. She went out of her way to help me juggle 3 packs of nappies, some make-up specials, a catalogue, my handbag, some toys and a squirming 9 month old and was genuinely interested in providing me with answers to my endless baby health questions - If all your staff are this helpful and pleasant, it is a credit to your company. I would appreciate if you could pass along a quick thank-you to the staff and let them know that they provide a great shopping experience!!.


Kind regards,



Dear Staff of Malouf Head Office,

I contacted you a couple of weeks ago regarding the need for assistance with skin products.  I have tried many of them - different brands and some very expensive - on my own initiative but Kate called me and I went out to see her at Aspley Pharmacy (Robinson Rd).  She introduced me to Clarins products and it seems to me that the skin on my face particularly has responded extremely well in a short time.  I am still working on my arms (using the cream Kate recommended and lifting weights as well to strengthen them).  I want to thank the Malouf Group for doing something in response to my email contact.  I will now have a continuing relationship with Kate Penshorn as I find her very helpful and very likable (a good  combination).  There is only one other pharmacy in Brisbane where I have such a relationship and that is privately owned by the Brosnan family who have a pharmacy on the corner of Rode Rd and Appleby Rd, Stafford Heights.  They have other pharmacies around Queensland.  They too have been extraordinarily helpful to me health wise over the years.  They really care about one's wellbeing.  Their pharmacy is very close to where I live in Chermside West and I actually think of the Brosnan brothers, Matthew and Andrew and their staff as friends.  While they cover many aspects of health and well-being, which I really appreciate, they do not have this facility (cosmetics etc) to the degree that you have at Aspley with Kate (and other ladies I read about in the emails you send to me) so I am pleased to expand my pharmacy relationship and adopt the Aspley Malouf Pharmacy as my ''other'" trusted pharmacy, particularly in relation to skin care which is very important to me at my age.


With thanks again for asking Kate to respond to my email, 

and regards,

Dr Neill

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